The 6 most popular additional services offered by vacationers

Udo S.
For vacation rental owners, it was simply upselling – a great way to increase sales. For travelers, however, these add-ons are the perfect way to experience a happier and more satisfying vacation or short trip. But which add-ons actually make people happy? Here are key six, each of which is perfect for a dream vacation.

  1. Breakfast
  2. Tours and activities
  3. Spa offers
  4. Shuttle service
  5. parking spaces provided
  6. late check-out (and early check-in)


50% of vacationers are willing to pay extra for breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, vacation minds are divided. Around one in two of the world’s vacationers would be happy to pay extra for breakfast in accommodation. Even if vacationers from Portugal, Sweden and Japan would be particularly happy to pay extra for this, this is not the case for Germans and French. They expect breakfast to be included in the price.

Weekender are a special case, by the way, these travelers like a breakfast directly at the pulse of your vacation domicile. Coffee, croissants and fresh fruit …. doesn’t matter – the main thing is delicious 😉

Lively tours and activities

Who doesn’t know it, flyers and information folders with local tour guides and companies organizing tours and activities are perfect idea finders for great local vacation experiences. Because for all the preparation, local info sources can’t be beat.

Fascinating are of course, for example, the best hiking trails or guided city walks or a local specialty cooking class or the best night bar in the neighborhood or, or, or. Every third vacationer is happy to pay a little more for tours and activities if they are decidedly out of the ordinary.

Spa offers are something very special

Sauna, Whirlpool and Fitnessraum offer for individual relaxing, the perfect framework. But why not more landlords organize your guests also other external offers, is hardly understandable. Whether relaxation therapies, manicures, special massages – I say only Thailand – or even a yoga class in the park, it’s worth it.

Draw attention to your shuttle service

As a worldwide traveler, the transfer to and from the airport or train station, is a small – sometimes larger challenge. Travelers will be happy to use a shuttle or cab service organized by the rental company for an additional charge. Incidentally, sometimes it helps to provide information on bus, train and streetcar times in advance for those who prefer public transport.

Provided parking pleases travelers

For a safe parking space within walking distance of the accommodation, every 4th guest is happy to pay a fair price. A fair price, for both sides, should be the basis.

A late check-out (and early check-in) can increase satisfaction

Not everyone is an early riser. Not everyone has perfect travel connections. So the wish to be able to check out a little later or to use an early check-in is a wish that cannot be fulfilled by the landlord. At the same time, this service could also gladly cost something … do we want to tell the landlords?

Sometimes you can enrich with little things, the stay so.

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