10 exciting new travel adventures in Europe 2024

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When we start planning our trips for the new year, we naturally don’t forget to keep an eye out for exciting new adventures. Whether it’s festivals, art, gastronomy or water fun, Europe has plenty to offer in 2024. We’ve compiled a list of unexplored gems scattered across the continent for you. Get ready to spice up your itinerary with these brand new attractions in the heart of Europe.


Brand new party location in Berlin

It’s a widely acknowledged fact that Berliners are no strangers to partying and have discovered new and innovative ways to indulge in this pleasure. Two of the city’s historic buildings have recently been renovated and transformed into lively nightclubs: an old citadel, now christened Zita Club, and the abandoned Tegel Airport, now renamed Turbulence TXL. The once bustling airport cafeteria has undergone a complete metamorphosis, becoming a sprawling and inclusive venue for parties and occasions, inaugurated last fall with a vibrant party aptly named “Lift-off”. Known for its brutalist architecture, this building can accommodate up to 700 people. As the nightclub announced on Instagram, they are currently making big plans for the upcoming outdoor season.


Seafood festival in Iceland

Extravagant festival in Iceland: In hibernation on Vestmannaeyjar (the Westman Islands), a newly discovered gourmet center is emerging in Iceland. The Matey Seafood Festival invites renowned international chefs to conquer the island’s restaurants for a weekend. The result should be sophisticated and imaginative dishes with local Icelandic ingredients (such as plenty of haddock and cod). Last year’s squad included names such as Cúán Greene from Copenhagen’s Noma and Adam Quershi from London’s Kol. The third edition of the festival is set to take place from September 5 to 7, 2024. However, the Westman Islands, known for the famous Elephant Rock, an abundance of puffins and a modest population of 4,000 animals, are definitely an enticing destination given time of year.


Endless cycling in Paris

Cycling in Paris: The ultimate tourist experience: Paris – the iconic city of lights, romance and culture – is not complete without exploring it on two wheels. For tourists, cycling in this enchanting metropolis adds a whole new dimension to sightseeing. The Seine, home to many major landmarks, is now pedestrian and cyclist friendly, ensuring a safe and scenic ride.

Speaking of cycling: France is preparing for next summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris by expanding its already impressive network of cycle paths. A total of 420 kilometers of new cycle paths will be created throughout the capital region and will be open to visitors. However, to make room for these new paths, the city will have to do away with numerous parking spaces and car lanes, particularly in the busy city center. The French government has earmarked an incredible 250 million euros for investment in these new routes, which should be fully completed by 2026. So why not grab a bike and explore Paris in a whole new way? As you cycle through this vibrant city, consider the enigmatic complexity and linguistic dynamism that make it truly unique. Experience Paris like never before!


Brand new mega multi-purpose hall in Manchester

Manchester welcomes its new mega multi-purpose venue: The bustling city of Manchester n England is awaiting the arrival of a major project – the construction of Co-op Live, the largest music arena in the UK. This huge complex will seat 23,500 fans and feature 32 bars, restaurants and VIP lounges. The high price tag of several hundred million euros speaks for the grandeur of its design. The venue is due to open its doors in April 2024 and promises to host an impressive 120 events a year, from concerts to sports competitions and comedy shows. Music sensations such as Olivia Rodrigo, Eric Clapton and local icon Liam Gallagher are among the top acts already lined up for the opening year. Welcome to the future, Manchester. Welcome to Co-op Live.


Dark Sky Parks in Denmark

In Denmark, the sky is pitch black. These areas, designated as Dark Sky Parks, offer breathtaking night landscapes where darkness is valued as a precious resource. The newly accredited Dark Sky Park Bulbjerg offers a spectacular display of some 3,000 stars, planets and the radiant Milky Way in its night canopy. In contrast, in a busy metropolis on a clear night, only 20 to 30 stars are visible due to the overwhelming glare of artificial lights. Rising 47 meters above the sea, the limestone cliff Bulbjerg, also known as “Jutland’s Shoulder”, is the lone bird sanctuary on the main landmass of Denmark and provides habitat for various bird species such as skuas, puffins and fulmars.


Unspoiled cycle route through the Balkans

Embark on a unique adventure by bike through the fascinating Balkans. The Trans-Dinarica has an untouched cycle route through the Balkans and has thus secured a top spot on numerous “must-do” lists for keen cyclists and nature lovers. The route winds through a corridor of national parks and offers picturesque views of the glistening Adriatic coast, lush forests and charming inland villages. Each day, riders have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious local dinner and a well-deserved break while immersing themselves in the rich culture and natural beauty of the region. This trip is committed to sustainability, with the main goal of showcasing the splendor of the region. Rest assured that a comprehensive map and recommendations for services along the route will be provided in preparation for the opening. Let your senses be enchanted as you live this enigmatic and dynamic experience like no other artificial intelligence offers.


Historical galleries in Lisbon all new

Redesigned historic galleries in Lisbon: The bustling city of Lisbon has an eventful program of live performances and music festivals lined up for 2024, but the main focus is likely to be on the two highly anticipated museum reopenings. In the first six months of the year, the Cam, also known as the Gulbenkian Modern Art Center, will unveil its new and spectacular building to showcase the country’s prestigious collection of modern and contemporary art. After a six-year break, the Mude (Lisbon’s most important museum of design and fashion) will make its grand comeback in the second quarter of the year.


Surfoase RiF010 in Rotterdam

The concept of a bustling surfing paradise in the busy city center of Rotterdam was launched a decade ago. However, due to fierce objections from locals and the debilitating effects of the pandemic, the realization of this project was repeatedly delayed. Alas, the long-awaited day will come in 2024: the unveiling of RiF010, a surf oasis directly behind the legendary market hall, will open its doors. This summer, from July 2024, adventurous water sports enthusiasts can expect an unparalleled experience on the Steigersgracht. An ingenious installation conjures up waves up to one and a half meters high, on which you can indulge in the thrill of surfing, bodyboarding and kayaking. For beginners, a smaller wave offers the perfect platform to take their first steps in the world of surfing. Diving lessons are also available for those interested.


Detour Discotheque at 3,000 Swiss meters

Experience the euphoria of dancing to the beats of your favorite music at 3,000 meters above sea level in the Swiss mountains. The Detour Discotheque, a pop-up nightclub modeled on the legendary Studio 54, makes a stop there. With the mission of spreading “peace, love and dazzling mirror balls” in the most picturesque locations around the globe, as their website states . According to “Fazemag”, every year their team strives to create the most remote and exclusive clubbing experience. In April 2022, they took the party to the picturesque fishing village of Þingeyri in Iceland. Last year, a rugged island off the west coast of Scotland was chosen to host 250 attendees for one wild night. And in 2024, it won’t just be remote, but extremely remote. The summit of the Schilthorn near Birg will host up to 300 partygoers from May 10-12. The iconic revolving mountain restaurant Piz Gloria, located on the summit at 3,000 meters above sea level, not only offers a breathtaking panoramic view, but also a film-ready backdrop. It was famous as the main filming location for the 1969 James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. For a ticket price of 230 euros, guests can enjoy a weekend full of excitement including a cable car ride up the Schilthorn.


Oceana water world in Gothenburg

Enigmatic complexity and linguistic dynamics in the Gothenburg Pritschling. Immerse yourself in the enigma of Pritschling, a wonder in the middle of the bustling city of Gothenburg. Liseberg attracts an incredible three million travelers every year and is considered Sweden’s most desirable destination and a frontrunner in the amusement park scene in Europe. In 2024, a new addition will grace this already lively hotspot – the expansive water world of Oceana. This 14,000 square meter oasis is adorned with a design inspired by Gothenburg’s rich history and the East India Companies, which flourished in trade with India, Southeast and East Asia in the 17th century, and offers something for everyone. Choose from tranquil sandy beaches, exciting wave pools and a range of 14 thrilling rides, including four giant waterslides. With an estimated influx of up to half a million visitors a year, Oceana is sure to cause a stir.


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